Pressure Spring Tube ( Bourdon Tube )                                                             
Metal Bellows & Diaphragms
The pressure spring tube is also named Bourdon tube, It is a kind of tube with an arc
shape, vortex filament shape, and fixed special-sharped section. It is the
center-empty tube used to measure the fluid pressure.

As compared with the other sensitive elements, the pressure spring tube possesses
the characteristics of high sensitivity, high rigidity, and high over-load capacity. It is
widely used in measuring the quite high Pressure.

By taking advantage of the pressure-displacement of the pressure spring tube, all
kinds of pressure instruments and meters with the nature of direct indication can be
made to measure all kinds of air sources ( nitrogen, oxygen, air, hydrogen ) and the
pressure of all kinds of liquids. The pressure sensor and the pressure signal indicator
also be made to control the electrical machinery and appliance to realize
Copper alloy, stainless steel
Elliptic tube, circular tube
D20~D80mm or D0.79~D3.15in
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